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Diagonal is an original album by Leandro Fortes (2018), which blends elements of Latin Music, Classical, Jazz and Progressive Rock with his Brazilian roots. According to pianist Fábio Torres (Grammy Award winner), "the work has reached a rare maturity, and created original sonorities exploring timbres and counterpoints." Fortes brings his own arrangements for the sextet, formed by Rafael Calegari (bass), Mauro Borghezan (drums), Larissa Novo (flute), Sebastián Cavallaro (sax), Tácio Vieira (cello) and himself on the guitar. As stated by Davy Mooney (professor at UNT - University of North Texas) "the new sextet is shock, full of hip writing - rhythmically, harmonically and melodically - and the solos are exciting and hip!”

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I've been teaching guitar in the last 20 years, and started to teach remotely since 2012. It would be an honour to help you to develop your musicianship!